Keep Indoor Plants Healthy Over Winter

November 2, 2016

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As the days shorten and light intensity decreases our houseplants need a little TLC.

Move plants to a south-facing or sunnier window if possible.  Switch plants growing in low light with those in a brighter location every couple of weeks.  This will provide both sets of plants with needed sunlight.

Turn plants occasionally so all sides receive light from nearby windows. And consider supplementing with artificial lights to increase your indoor plants’ health and beauty.

Only water the plants only as needed. Water thoroughly and often enough to keep the plants from wilting. Those that keep their home warm and houseplants in a sunny window will be watering more often than those gardening in a cool home.

Stop fertilizing. The less-than-ideal growing conditions slow plant growth and that means the plants need less fertilizer.

A bit more information: Group plants together to increase the humidity around each plant. Place on a tray filled with gravel.  When you water the excess collects in the tray and the gravel elevates the plants above the water. As the water evaporates it creates humidity around the plants where it is needed.

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