The Garden Mix

January 27, 2016

2016 All-America Selections Winner: Strawberry Delizz

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Whether gardening on a balcony or large suburban lot, you can enjoy the sweet flavor of homegrown Delizz strawberries. Delizz was the first ever strawberry to be selected as an All-America Selections Winner. Just like the flower and vegetable winners it was tested nationally and selected for its performance for the home garden. This 2016 winner is a compact plant perfect for hanging baskets, containers or garden beds.  It can be started from seed or transplants and will produce sweet fruit all season long, even during hot weather.

Grow strawberries in a sunny location.  Place the plants in properly prepared soil so just the roots, not the crown, are covered. Water thoroughly and often enough to keep the soil slightly moist. Check plants growing in containers daily and water thoroughly as needed. Regular harvesting will keep your Delizz plants producing more fruit.

A bit more information:  Add a bit of netting and fencing to keep uninvited guests, like birds and ground squirrels, from joining in the feast. Watch for slugs and snails that can also damage the fruit. For more gardening tips, how-to videos, podcasts and more, visit