Fall is for Planting Wildflowers

November 9, 2016

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Many gardeners are creating natural spaces or gardens of wildflowers. Whether you live in a warm or cold climate, fall is a great time to plant.

Fall planting in warmer climates takes advantage of the often cooler and moister growing conditions. Nature provides the water and the plants have a chance to get started before the extreme heat of late spring and summer.

Those in the north with shorter growing seasons can get a jumpstart on the next growing season. Wait for the soil temperatures to drop below 45 degrees.  You want to make sure once the seed is planted it won’t sprout until next spring.

Whether you plant in spring or fall, grow cultivated or native plants, weed control and soil preparation is always important.

Follow planting directions on the label and your efforts will be rewarded with beautiful flowers and grasses.

A bit more information: Take the time to prepare the soil before planting. Start by removing the existing weeds. It is easier to eliminate these before your good plants are in place. Add several inches of organic matter to improve drainage in heavy soil and water holding ability in sandy. Incorporate fertilizer as recommended by your soil test at the same time. For more tips on growing wildflower visit American Meadows website.

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