Fall Planted Spring Flowering Spanish Bluebells

(Wood hyacinths)

October 24, 2016

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Plant a few low maintenance spring blooming Spanish bluebells this fall. You’ll enjoy clusters of blue, pink or white bell shaped flowers that grace the plant in late spring.

You’ll find this spring beauty also listed as wood hyacinth and by several botanical names including Hyacinthoides and Scilla campanulata.

Hardy in zones 3 to 8 this late spring bloomer fills the flower gap between earlier spring blooming bulbs and early summer perennials. The English Hyacinthoides non-scripta is fragrant.

Watch as your initial planting grows and slowly spreads adding color to your garden beds or the woodland edge.

Grow Spanish bluebells in full sun to partial or dappled shade with ample moisture in the spring. Allow the leaves to naturally yellow and dry before removing them in early to midsummer.

A bit more information: Plant them in the garden or along a woodland edge. These low maintenance bulbs in scattered groupings create a more natural or informal look. As they grow and spread over time they will fill in vacant areas adding late spring color to the landscape.

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