Enhance Your Front Door with Unique and Seasonal Décor

September 7, 2016

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Dress up your front door and welcome guests with unique or seasonal decor. 

Wreaths are a traditional favorite. Gather and dry materials like hydrangea blossoms, strawflowers, milkweed pods, holly berries and bittersweet for seasonal beauty. Or find other items that reflect your personality. Colorful seed packets or even an old garden hose can create a warm welcome.

Hang a basket filled with fragrant lavender on the door. The flowers will brighten your entryway and the fragrance will lift visitors’ spirits.

Fill a frame or cover letters or a wreath with moss. The dried sheet moss comes in shades of green, cream and brown to help you create a uniquely beautiful welcome.

Fill an old metal watering can, umbrella or garden boots with seasonal blooms or greenery.  Change out the display as the garden changes. Using greens and flowers from the garden helps connect the outdoor beauty to the indoors.

A bit more information: Complement your door décor with planters at the entryway. Use plants with similar colors and textures to create a welcoming front entrance for family and guests.

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