What's your favorite Seltzer? I did a blind taste test to find the best one!

Is this seltzer your favorite?

June 23, 2020

Do you like seltzers? I do too! There are so many flavors out there so my friends and I decided to do a blind taste test over the weekend up at the cabin. We called it "Seltzer Saturday" - LOL!

We tried 24 different flavors and put them in categories based on flavor.

It was definitely interesting not knowing what we were actually tasting. It threw the taste buds off a bit.

Here's our Top 8:

#1 Smirnoff's Red, White & Berry (Limited Edition)

#2 High Noon's Pineapple

#3 Barefoot's Strawberry (wine based) 

#4 White Claw's Raspberry

#5 Smirnoff's Berry Lemonade

#6 Bud Light's Strawberry

#7 White Claw's Black Cherry

#8 Bud Light's Black Cherry


Here's what we said on the show today:

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