Are you using toothpaste wrong?

How you squeeze the tube says a lot about you!

July 10, 2020

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We had a Dumb Debate this morning on the Elizabeth & Radar Show about HOW you squeeze the tube of toothpaste!

Radar has his OWN toothpaste at his house because he can't stand when people don't squeeze it from the bottom and I'm usually in a hurry and squeeze it from the top!

Here's the full conversation:

But did you know the way you squeeze your toothpaste tube actually says a lot about your personality!

If you squeeze from the bottom you are a tidy person who cares about people and your posessions. You take care of things. Your life is organized and you're thrifty.

If you squeeze from the middle you are an active person and usually in a rush.

If you squeeze from the top you are a go-getter and a little stubborn. You set goals and you achieve them.

If you squeeze from anywhere you are creative and you look at the world with a different perspective.

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