What Dog Breed Are You - QUIZ

What does your personality say about you? Take the Quiz and find out!

August 26, 2019
Elizabeth Kay Dogs

Today is National Dog Day!

Don't you just love pups?! I do! I have had a miniature poodle, a bichon frise, bernese mountain dogs and now we have a boxer and a boxer/pitbull mix.

In the photo I'm on the couch with Mila (she's next to me and is 7 years old) and Cocoa (who is looking at the camera, she's 11). And believe it or not, they are not related!

But what breed of dog are you based on your personality?

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My answer was POODLE, even though my husband says that boxers are my spirit animal since I always want to cudddle, lol!

What's dog do you have? Send me a pic via a private message on Instagram or Facebook