WARNING: This will get stuck in your head

Do you know the lyrics to this song?

March 11, 2019
Elizabeth Kay at Kwik Trip

OMG! Do you ever get a song stuck in your head?

Last week my co-worker Riggs and I were given the opportunity to tour the Kwik Trip facility up in La Crosse, WI! We saw where the bread and buns are made, the bakery and the Dairy building where they make their own milk and milk jugs believe it or not!

While we were on the tour in the Dairy building, watching the bottles move through the assemply line and get packaged - someone in the group yelled, " Give us any chance we'll take it. Read us any rule we'll break it. We're going to make our dreams come true. Doing it our way..."

And throughout the rest of the day, we kept singing the theme song to Laverne & Shirley. And now it's still stuck in my head, lol!

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