Want to Feel like a Royal? Try this!

This is a MUST try in Milwaukee

January 7, 2019
Elizabeth Kay tea party

Holy cow - what an experience!

Want to feel like a member of the Royal Family? Why not have a tea party at the Pfister Hotel! That's what my three sisters and I enjoyed on Saturday.

My sister Rachel set it up and we had such a great time. The tea butler gives you a presentation beforehand where you get to pick out which tea you each want to enjoy.

I chose the Cinnamon Plum - it was a dream! And don't even get me started on the pastries and desserts...sooooo good!

Definitely call in and reserve this in advance and make sure to take in the view - you're on the 23rd floor!

Do you have MUST TRY experience in the area that you'd like to share? 

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