The most comfortable bra I have ever worn!

You'll definitely want to try this!

August 6, 2019
ThirdLove bra company

Wearing a bra - sucks. It's true, but it's a necessary evil for many of us.

I get Katie Couric's emails each weekday and she talks about the news headlines and other lifestyle topics important to women - including bras!

She was talking about this new bra company called ThirdLove! It was created by a woman who was tired of wearing uncomfortable bras.

I was a bra specialist at Victoria's Secret all through college so I was interested right away.

Coincidentally ThirdLove has a pop up shop in New York so on our vacation last year I decided to pop in.

I was impressed immediately with their selection and their bra fitting process - which is the exact same process online!

They have sizes from AA-I and bands from 30-48!

They make a good product and you can return it up to 6 months after purchase (even if you've washed it). I ended up buying the plunge bra and I have to tell you - it's really comfortable!

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