Go Behind the Scenes with a Virtual Radio Studio Tour

Here's your chance to see what happens in The Mix Studio

March 30, 2020
Elizabeth and Radar

Time for a virtual field trip!

If you're looking for ways to keep yourself busy at home or you need activities for the kids - this studio tour will do the trick!

We took viewers from Facebook Live on a virtual tour of the 99.1 The Mix Radio studio and even asked questions from kids and their parents.

Ever wonder how we pick the songs that play on the station? The video has the answer!

Ever wonder if the Elizabeth and Radar Show is "scripted?" The video has the answer!

This is a fun, new way for your kids to enjoy some elearning online!

And if you're looking for other virtual tours to educate your kids at home and provide entertainment, check out my blog post from last week HERE.

Good luck during this unique time - together we WILL get through this!


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