Now There is Support for Working Moms in Milwaukee

Feel supported and connect with other working moms who "get it"

March 12, 2020
Working Moms

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Being a Mom is tough and being a working Mom brings on its own set of challenges at times too.

There IS support! It's called Working Moms of Milwaukee, founded by Susannah Lago. And in honor of Working Moms Day (March 12th* in Wisconsin) I sat down with Susannah to get more information about this one-stop-shop and what kind of support and resources this organization provides to women.

To connect with Susannah and other moms just visit or on and make sure to use the hashtag #WorkingMomsDay and #WorkingMomsMKE on social.

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*Wisconsin Governor Evers and Milwaukee Mayor Barrrett officially proclaimed March 12, 2020 Working Moms Day in Wisconsin and in Milwaukee



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