The number 1 thing I like to do when decorating my house

Look closely and you'll see it on the mantle...

October 7, 2019
Elizabeth Kay Halloween

Another holiday/season is upon us...Halloween and Fall!

I love decorating throughout the inside and outside of our house. 

Pictured in this post is my living room mantle, but look closely to what's in the middle.

See the skeleton riding the motorcycle! Every holiday and even those days in between, I love adding some humor or personality to my decorating.

It might even mean that we have a fake rat hiding behind the bathroom door to surprise our guests when they come over for Halloween, LOL!!

It also keeps it interesting and shows you don't take your decorating too seriously!

How do you decorate for the holidays? I'd love to hear aboout it. Leave me a message on or on Instagram @mselizabethkay