Secrets of Successful Women with Chellee Siewert of Capture Sports Marketing

Learn how a Wisconsin woman helped raise over $25 million for charities

January 28, 2020
Elizabeth Kay

JJ Watt, Aaron Rodgers, the Milwaukee Bucks, Vince Lombardi - all of these names and more have worked with Wisconsin's own Capture Sports Marketing and have helped raised over $25 million dollars to benefit charitable causes.

But who is behind these projects?

Meet Chellee Siewert, who was working with a sports team and noticed athletes who wanted to use their platform to do good in the world, but they didn't know how or where to get started.

That's when her idea for Capture Sports Marketing was created!

Their approach is to identify the athlete's passion and how the want to give back. From there, they build the brand and then promote and fundraise. But as Chellee says, "it takes a village!"

In this episode of my podcast "50 Shades of Kay", Chellee explains mistakes that she's learned from, what she looks for when hiring, how Capture Sports Marketing chooses the athletes to partner with and how does she avoid burnout while also being a wife and mother to two boys.

To connect with Chellee, her company or one of the charities they work with just visit


Twitter: @CaptureMktg

Instagram: @capturesportsmarketing

Or follow the hashtag #AthletesDoingGood