Unemployed? Tired of your job? Is NOW the best time to launch your own business?

Here's how to tap in to your entrepreneurial spirit!

September 2, 2020
Women business owner

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There's no doubt that 2020 has given ALL of us A LOT to think about! 

And if you find yourself out of a job or perhaps burnt out from what you have been doing - this might actually be the BEST time to take the leap and become your OWN boss!

In this 50 Shades of Kay podcast episode Mary Jacobs, the founder of The Women's Excelerator and author of Sales Strategies for New Women Entrepreneurs: Successfully Transitioning from Employee to Entrepreneur discusseshow women can tap in to their entrepreneurial spirit and launch their own business!

Find out how to get started, how to overcome roadblocks and what are the future trends for women start businesses in our current global crisis!

You can connect with Mary at TheWomensExcelerator.com 

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