The new piece I added to my skin care routine

This will give your face a nice, youthful glow

February 20, 2020
Jade Roller

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For Christmas this past year, my Dad's girlfriend bought me a jade roller.

I honestly had no idea what this was at first or how to use it.

I went online and found tons of articles about the benefits of this centuries-old Chinese skin-care anti-aging tool.

For example it will help:

  1. reduce dark circles
  2. calm inflammation
  3. minimize fine lines
  4. improve elasticity
  5. reduce muscle tension

I LOVE this tool! I use the jade roller at night after I wash my face and put my serum on and then I also use it in the morning to "wake up" my face and help dimish puffiness. The jade roller can help push along any built up lymphatic fluids under the skin and help your skin look tighter and feel brighter.

I do notice a slight difference in the before and after, but I DEFINITELY notice how good my skins feels afterwards. In fact, when I roll my forehead, I can feel the stress from the day start to go away. If you have a headache coming on, it feels great to roll your forehead. I also use the roller on my neck since I keep a lot of tension there as well.

Here's a video to help show you how to use the Jade Roller. It might be just what you are looking for to look and feel your best!

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