September celebrates all the Step Families!

Meet my beautiful blended family

September 18, 2020
Elizabeth Kay

September 16th is National Step Family Day and a shoutout to all the parents and kids who are in a “modern family” like mine! And especially for all the parents who have stepped up and shown up for a child!

When Eric proposed, Brayson got down on one knee and he asked “Will you marry us and make us a family?” Words I’ll never forget and a promise that I made for life! Family requires love, not DNA.

And here's the conversations we had on the air about this special day:

And if you're in a step parenting role and perhaps you're struggling, I spoke with author Dr. Rachelle Katz  about her book The Happy Stepmother on my podcast 50 Shades of Kay. This book offers 10 steps to help stepmoms find some peace and balance in their life. Here's the episode:

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