Do you celebrate holidays on the ACTUAL day? Here's why we don't!

Sometimes, you have to make your own rules.

May 20, 2019
Elizabeth Kay Bucks

In our family, holidays don’t need to be celebrated on specific days because the calendar says that’s when we should get together.

Every year on Mother’s Day, Brayson spends that Sunday with his Mom and we typically celebrate the weekend before or the weekend after.

And with all the excitement surrounding the Bucks - Saturday we went downtown to hang out at the Deer District.

Brayson has a huge heart. He has the ability to make anyone feel special that’s around him and yesterday was no different. He was opening doors for me, “ladies first.” And he was carrying my things and he kept asking me, “how’s your day going so far.” 

I don’t know what I did to deserve such a great person in my life. But he inspires me to be better and to be kinder. To know him is to love him. 

He may not be my blood, but he is 1,000% my family and I cherish these moments he takes out of his schedule to spend time with me. It’s a reminder to me too, to make time for those things and people that really matter. 

And Happy Mother’s Day to all the fellow stepmoms out there - perhaps this was your weekend to spend time with your kids!

Is there a holiday that you celebrate NOT on the actual day and why is that? I'd love to hear your stories. Send me a message on Facebook or on Instagram