Knowledge is power! Educate yourself with this antiracist booklist

Do the work and help change the world!

June 3, 2020
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Are you doing some soul searching lately, wondering how you can be a better ally to the black community? I know I have! I also wonder how can I talk to my son about these issues.

I'm learning more and more each day what it means to be an anti-racist and the depths of oppression that people of color have been feeling. I still have a ways to go. And even though I might not understand how it feels to be judged based on the color of my skin, it doesn't mean I don't want to stand up for equality and justice. I want to learn and I want to help.

Knowledge is a powerful tool, so expand your world and dive in to one of these books to gain a better understanding of this racial divide in hopes of bringing us together. Thank you to local Boswell Book Company on Downer for contributing to this list.

For Children and Young Adults:


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