Why did Amy Schumer legally changed her son's first name?

Have you done this?

April 16, 2020
Amy Schumer

Scott Kirkland/PictureGroup


Parents everywhere stress about choosing a name for their baby. But two celebs are showing that just because you made a choice, doesn’t mean you can’t take it back. As we told you earlier this week, “Grey’s Anatomy” star Caterina Scorsone flipped the script and changed her four-month-old daughter’s name from Arwen to Lucinda.

Now Amy Schumer is following suit...and for a pretty hilarious reason: it “sounded genital.” Speaking on her podcast “3 Girls, 1 Keith,” Schumer explains to her co-hosts that she chose her son’s middle name “Attell” after her close friend, fellow comic Dave Attell… but she didn’t realize until recently that the name combo, Gene Attell Fischer, could be heard the wrong way.

Australian actress Claudia O’Doherty, a guest on the podcast, admitted that her mom even pointed it out, telling her, “Amy’s called her son ‘Genital.’” To avoid any confusion – or potential playground name-calling – Schumer and her husband Chris Fischer have renamed their son Gene David Fischer. Crisis averted!