Easy Holiday Decoration and Gift Project for Children

December 7, 2016

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Keep youngsters busy throughout the holidays with these fast and easy garden projects. Not only will they have fun, but these make great table decorations and gifts for family and friends. Try growing fast sprouting grasses like pet grass, wheat grass and rye for quick results. 

Purchase or repurpose a colorful tin or get out the waterproof paints and markers and let the kids decorate plastic and terracotta pots. Add drainage holes as needed and fill with a quality potting mix. Once the grass has sprouted add a bit of color and holiday cheer with the help of silk and fresh flowers, decorative branches and ornaments. Use as a centerpiece or attach a name and use smaller pots for place setting cards.

And don’t overlook the gifting options. Plant some pet grass as a treat for your favorite indoor cats and dogs. And wheat grass for your favorite juicer.

A bit more information: Or seed a large shallow container filled with potting mix. The grassy field will make a wonderful play zone for action heroes and front lawn for any dollhouse. And keep it short and tidy by trimming it with scissors. Once hooked, try my other gardening projects and visit www.kidsgardening.org for more fun gardening activities.

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