Easy Care Philodendron

March 7, 2016

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Green up the indoors with an easy care philodendron. The heartleaf philodendron has long been known as THE easy care low light plant. It’s still a great choice but don’t overlook the large leafed, shrubby types and new introductions that provide greater variety with the same easy care. Brazil heartleaf philodendron has a yellow stripe down the middle of the leaf. Display this vining plant on tabletops, shelves or hang it from the ceiling or wall bracket. 

Rojo Congo is upright with sturdy stems making it perfect for a tabletop, shelf or floor display. New leaves have a purple-red tinge and eventually turn dark green.  The leaf stems remain red, adding a bit of color to your indoor garden. Déjà vu has large deeply lobed leaves. The interesting leaf texture adds to your indoor décor. Display philodendrons away from pets that like to nibble on plant leaves as these can make them sick. 

A bit more information:  Philodendrons growing in low light need less water and fertilizer than those in a brightly lit location. Water thoroughly whenever the top inch of soil begins to dry. And increase their vigor by fertilizing with a dilute solution of houseplant fertilizer between March and November.

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