Easy and Free Homemade Berry Harvest Basket

June 17, 2016

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Whether harvesting from your own garden or visiting a Pick-Your-Own Farm, nothing beats the fresh flavor of homegrown berries.

And managing the harvest as you work your way down each row does not have to be messy and cumbersome or result in a pile of mushy fruit. Make harvesting easier with the help of plastic gallon milk or water jugs. Convert them into a harvest basket by enlarging the opening at the top while leaving the handles intact. Secure the plastic jug around your waist by running a rope or belt through the handle. Now you have two hands free for harvesting and a safe place for your harvest.

Once you have filled the bottom 3 inches, it’s time to move the berries to another shallow container like a plastic dishpan, shallow plastic storage container or shallow oven pan. Piling soft berries any higher results in smashed fruit.

A bit more information:  Many Pick-Your-Own Berry Farms provide baskets you can use or purchase. Call ahead so you come prepared and are able to enjoy the experience.

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