Drying Hydrangea Blossoms

September 23, 2016

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Enjoy hydrangea blooms indoors and out all winter long.

These lovely flowers dry and persist on the plants, combining nicely with evergreen and perennials adding texture, color and form to the winter landscape.

Consider harvesting a few to enjoy indoors. The easiest method is to allow the flowers to dry to a papery consistency on the plants. This is usually in early fall as the nights begin to cool, but before a frost.

Cut the stems to the desired length, remove the leaves and place in a vase or hang upside down in a cool dark space to dry.

Or invest a bit more time and money if you want perfect blooms by drying them in silica gel.  Carefully cover the blossoms with the silica gel and allow to dry according to the label directions.

Display in a vase or create a wreath and enjoy all winter long.

A bit more information:  Use dried blossoms from hydrangeas and other flowers to create a wreath, press into a card or picture or decorate a candle or jewelry box.  You’ll have fun preserving your summer garden to create indoor decorations or share with others on those special days.

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