What Are Your Top 5 Comedy Shows?


February 8, 2019

With Modern Family announcing the show is coming to an end after season 11, I have been on a Comedy TV show binge. Being a comedy actor, I have always loved watching half-hour comedies. There is nothing better than turning on TBS and seeing a Friends rerun on, and laughing hysterically! 
Well, I was reading an article from Complex - "The 50 Funniest TV Comedies of All Time" - and Friends was number 27! That is a disgrace. This nonsense inspired me to make my own TOP 5 list of half-hour comedies. 

This is in no particular order, but just know, FRIENDS is the ultimate TV Show! 

FRIENDS - To me, this show really changed the comedy game. I don't know of another show with more quoteable lines or memorable moments. One of my all time favorites being The "PIVOT" Scene. Plus, you can't watch friends and not laugh at Ross, right? 

VEEP - If you haven't hear or seen of this show, now you have. Julia Louis Dreyfus (Elaine from Seinfield) is the Vice President and might not be necessarily qualified for her job. This on HBO, so there is no shortage of swear words and dirty jokes (which I love). Just to give you an idea of how amazing this show is, Julia Louis-Dreyfus has won the Emmy for Best Actress In A Comedy EVERY SINGLE YEAR SHE HAS BEEN NOMINATED for this show. It is coming up on the last season, which is a perfect time for you to start binging and catching up! 

THE LEAGUE - You might see the league and think,"I don't know anything about sports, this show isn't going to appeal to me" WRONG! Sure, this show is about a group of guys and their fantasy football league. But it's much more than that. You don't need to know any football to have fun with the show(although it doesn't hurt). This show is all about friendship and family and love...and some dirty humor too! This scene is a perfect example, talking about fantasy football, but not really. 
You may recognize Nick Kroll from the show BIG MOUTH, he voices basicall all of the characters in that show (also very funny)

PARKS AND REC - Parks and Rec and The Office are both worthy of the list, but to me they are so similar I only needed to put one of them. I chose Parks and Rec because I feel like they took all of the brilliance of The Office, and expanded on it even further to make the characters shine! Without Parks and Rec, we would have no Chris Pratt. Jean Ralphio is one the funniest characters of all time, and he isn't even a regular on the show. So much fun in this show, you will not regret watching it.

ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT - I have included this show because it is such a smart comedy! The way the story all goes together from the first episode to the last. There are even moments that you see one episode, then a few episodes later, you'll see the same moment for a different perspective. Jason Bateman really strives as the "straight man" of the show. And that is what highlights the other characters so well. This show is so amazing that it was resurrected after 10 years of being of air for Netflix and now there is even a movie supposedly in the works. Rememeber, "There's always money in the banan stand"

Hopefully you can enjoy all of these amazing comedies. Of course there are many more great comedies, but to me these are the 5 that come to my mind immediately. 

Some other ones you may like:
MARVELOUS MRS. MAISEL (not half hour, still amazing)

I'm sure I missed some. Happy comedy watching!