cottage cheese noodles

Was I The Only Kid Who Grew Up Eating This?

Cottage Cheese Noodles!

February 7, 2020

Comfort Foods. Everybody loves them, and everybody has their own favorite. And all of the comfort foods are pretty universally known, right?

Some comfort foods:
Mac N Cheese
Grilled Cheese
Shepherd's Pie

As you are reading this list, your mouth is probably watering right. And then you got to COTTAGE CHEESE NOODLES and said "Huh"

I love cottage cheese and I love noodles. So this is a match made in heaven! And I thought everybody ate it, until my girlfriend looked at me like I was crazy the first time I made it. I guess some people don't like their cottage cheese savory? Who knew.

I've always been a savory cottage cheese guy. Sometimes I just put it in a bowl with garlic and chives, MMMMMMMMM! 

But back to the noodles. It's the most simple recipe there is.
1 Box Noodles
1/2 Container Cottage Cheese
Some butter & Garlic Powder.
Scoop of Sour cream(optional)

Like I said, this is the most simple recipe. So if you've been eating it for years like me, keep on enjoying. And if you've never tried it, GET ON IT! 


cottage cheese noodles


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