The Top Tacos in Milwaukee

Do You Know Where The Best Taco In Milwaukee Is?

March 22, 2019

If there's one food that I could eat all day, every day, it has to be TACOS! Tacos are the perfect food: handheld, can be filled with anything, different variations. They're perfect! And surprisingly, right here in Milwaukee, we have a bevy of delicious taco spots. Here are my top 4, and my podcast "The Great Taco Trek...of Milwaukee"! 

1) Taqueria Buenavista(Facebook) - This place is a true gem. I only go to the Food Truck on Oklahoma and Chase, never been to the brick and mortar store. BUT these tacos are less than 2 dollars a piece and they have so many options. Not to mention they have burritos and quesadillas too! I higly suggest you try the Al Pastor, you won't regret it. 

2) Conejitos(Facebook)- I've been going to Conejitos for as long as I can remember. Nothing says authentic like paper plates and margaritas. Seriously, this place is AMAZING!! ANd the service is always spot on. You can get 4 tacos for less than 5 bucks...You can't even do that at Taco Bell. The vibe, the food, the drinks, it all makes Conejitos a must stop taco shop in Milwaukee. 

3) Laughing Taco(Facebook) - Laughing Taco is a little more upper class of tacos. It's a small corner store front with a flat top planca and to veritcal spits cooking their meats. The tacos that they make on flour tortillas all have cheese melted on the plancha with the tortilla. So it's almost like a grilled cheese. SOOOOO GOOD. Order the Pirata, you won't regret it.

4) Guanajuato(Facebook- The orange restaurant in Bay View. Ya, it's amazing. Lunch Specials galore. This is a place where I always order the Chimichanga. Love me a good deep fried burrito, and they do it right at Guanajuato. Also, a nice margarita blended always helps the meal! 

The moral of the story is the there are so many taco options in Milwaukee, it's hard to go wrong. AND the service is usually very good at all of these places. Go explore and enjoy the tacos Milwaukee has to offer. 


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