These Are The Best Dumplings In All of Wisconsin!!

There's Soup In Them!!!

September 27, 2019

I am a huge appetizer fan. Honestly, I won't go to a restaurant if it doesn't have some cool apps on the menu. And I especially love Asian Appetizers, or Dim Sum. So when MoMo Mee opened up in the Walker's Point area, I was pumped. 

MoMo Mee is an Asian restaurant specializing in dumpling (Momo) and noodle (Mee) dishes. All of the dough is handmade right there, and you can 100% tell. 

This also is the only place in all of Wisconsin that has Xiao Long Bao (soup dumplings). And let me tell you, these are the absolute best dumplings I have ever had in my life. And I eat lots of dumplings. 

The chef and owner, Tony Ha, is a gem as well. Always coming out to check on the customers, and making sure the experience is great. You really can't make a mistake ordering anything on the menu, but here are a couple of my highlights!



Where to begin with these. As you can tell from the picture, they are cute as a button. So inside of these is a pork mixture, but also screaming hot broth! That tastes absolutely amazing. I don't know how they do it, but when you bite into this amazing dumpling, the hot liquid oozes out and mixes perfectly with the soft, chewy dough, and the delicious pork filling. I promise you, when you eat these dumplings, your life will change! The way they tell you to eat them is to poke a hole and let the liquid seep out, but I like to just go all in, but very carefully! And they come to the table in the bamboo steamer they were steamed in! ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! 


Holy cow! These blew my mind! Remember I said that everything you ordered will be a good choice, well these are right up there with the Xiao Long Bao! Delicious, chewy dough, wrapped around braised beef and kimchi with a delicious soy dipping sauce. Pan fried to give a nice, crunchy bottom. The beef had that umami flavor to it. It was salty, it was vinegary, it was garlicky, it was everything. It's so hard to describe, it was just that good. And they were filled perfectly so every bite was just as good as the last! Moral of this story, DUMPLINGS ARE AMAZING!!


Szechuan Spicy Wonton

These ones were hot...and I loved it! And let me tell you when I say hot, I mean that good heat that lingers a little on the sides of your lips. Yeah, you know what I'm talking about. Plus these coming swimming in a bath of sweet red chili and pepper sauce. MMMmmmmmMMMM! Delicious. And the fact that everything is bite size too, makes it so much more fun to eat here. These were also pork filled and I'm always ok with that. Again, moral of the story, DUMPLINGS ARE AMAZING. These are more wonton I guess, but it's all dim sum, and all delish!

I have been here 3 or 4 times now, and they just added a new section on the menu for Cantonese Clay Pot dishes. I got the beef one of these, but don't have a picture (sorry, I ate it too fast). It came to the table in a steaming hot Clay Pot, and when you open the pot, you get a whoosh of steam right in your face. Those smells really get your senses tingling. The beef is spicy and tender, the onions are cooked down to the perfect consistency, and the vermicelli noodles are the perfect canvas to bring it all together. 


OVERALL - MoMo Mee has the absolute best dumplings in Wisconsin, and the noodle and rice dishes are amazing as well. I highly suggest that you check out MoMo Mee for dinner, lunch, any meal really! You won't regret it!


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