Is There a "Perfect Cook" For This Fluffy, Yummy, Campfire Treat?

Everyone has a preference, what's yours?

July 12, 2019

Everyone has their own opinion of what makes the perfect marshmallow, right? Some like it just barely kissed by the flame, but others like to burn it until the marshmallow is completely black! Well the interwebs is going crazy over how you really should cook your marshmallow, and it's time I get involved. The answer is obvious, at least to me, that the marshmallow has to be a golden. You know why? Because gold is the best, you win a gold medal when you get first in any event, not a black or white medal, GOLD! So of course gold is going to be the best.

Broadway star Phillipa Soo, who starred in the hit Broadway show Hamilton, chose #7, which is golden, but with a hint of black. I personally would go with #6, the perfect gold. 


What is the perfect cook for you? (If you say 10, I don't know if we can be friends.)

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