Kopps Cheeseburger

The Wisconsin Buns That Make You Feel Some Sort Of Way

January 31, 2020

Kopps. A Staple in Wisconsin FOREVER! Get your food in a bag, stand around the tables, sit on the balls outside of the Glendale location or by the fountain on Layton. If you are from Milwaukee or have lived here at all, Kopps was a destination for you! 

Well, there has been a HUGE change that has really divided the fan base. The buns are different!!!!! I'm not sure where they used to come from, but to be honest, they used to look like they were run over by a car. There were cracks on the top of the bun, it would absorb the grease and become soggy. As I think back on them, they weren't the best. But now....Kopps is using Peter Sciortino buns (A Milwaukee staple) and they arwe BETTER, at least to me. 

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These new buns are fluffy, brighter, they hold their structure, they are chewy and delicious, and I love them. I like them better than the old ones too because when you let your burger sit in the bag as you drive home or go to your spot, the new bun helps cling all of the goodness on the burger together, and it still keeps it's form. Seriously, I like this new bun more than the old one! 

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The debate will live on forever, and there will be traditionalists(old buns) and modernists(new buns), but one thing we can all agree on it that Kopp's is a staple of Milwaukee, a great place to meet your friends and ultimately, a delicious burger. And this is all before I even talk about the amazing custard and shakes! But that's for a different blog.

What team are you on? OLD BUN or NEW BUN. Let me know at my instagram @mixproducerdave or facebook Producer Dave