A Taco Spot You're Gonna Wanna Stop At!

This Place Has The Best Tortilla Chips

May 14, 2019

Let me start off by saying that this restaurant has the best tortilla chips I've had in Milwaukee. 


The restaurant is called LITTLE CANCUNand it just opened in Bay View. Now I hear there is another location of this in Franklin, but I've never been, but I imagine it is just as amazing, but let's talk about the one in Bay View. That's a lot of BUTS.

Alright, so you walk in this restaurant and the vibe is instantly great, a nice sized bar with TVs on one side, and a nice dining area on the other. On the dining side, all of the seats are nice comfy, cushy, purple chairs. Comfort definitely makes LITTLE CANCUN move up my list of taco spots. But let's get to the real deal stuff. THE FOOD

So I've already been there twice, and that was within 4 days of each other, it's that good! The server immediatley brought out hot, fresh tortilla chips. You know they are fresh because some of them stick together, and the parts that were touching have that soft tortilla texture, that has been fried. MMMMMMMMMMMMM! The chips have the perfect amount of seasoning too. And they have 2 salsas, a green and red. The green is a little spicier, but both are delish!

The first time I went, I got an Al Pastor taco and Steak Chimichanga. Secret about me, I LOVE CHIMICHANGAS. Way before deadpool did. Anyways. Both were amazing. The taco was great not only because the spice and tang of the pork, but because the fresh corn tortillas were a little crispy, but not like a hard shell taco, just like it was tossed in a little oil before the flat top. And of course I got it with cilantro and onion, you gotta! The chimichanga, just a deep fried burrito loaded with steak and the meltiest of cheeses. Perfect crunch, but easily eatable. Loved it! The rice and beans were pretty good too. The rice had a nice spice and was a gorgeous red color. I'm not the biggest bean fan, but I ate them. I will say, I wish they had cheese on top of them. 


The next time I went, I got the sizzling steak fajitas, which comes with guacamole too! And 4 tortillas of your choosing. This time I got the flour tortillas. I just feel with fajitas, flour holds the hot peppers and onions better than a corn torilla and is more stable. The fajitas were a spectacle as they came from the kitchen. Sizzling. Everybody in the restaurant took notice, and I'm pretty sure the couple next to us ended up ordering it too. 

All in all, LITTLE CANCUN is a delicious taco spot you must check out!! 

Oh yea, the margaritas were great. And so many options, ours was Mango blended, but there were a myriad of options, including RAINBOW! 


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