A Superhero Show That's A Good Change of Pace

Nobody asks about how the parents cope with their kids being superheroes...

November 16, 2019

There are a lot of Superhero content out there. There's the whole Marvel Cinematic Universe. The DC Universe. The Arrowverse on The CW. Now the new Watchmen series just came out on HBO. Ton's of content, but none of those universes focus on what happens when "that kid" becomes SUPER! 

There is a new show on NETFLIX called Raising Dion, and I think everybody should watch it! It explores what it's like for single mother raising a young child who suddenly gains powers. What is that like for home life? How do they cope at school? How do you balance work life with super life when the person with powers isn't even 10 years old?

RAISING DION is also kid friendly. It has great lessons in there. How to treat new people and how to cope with being an "outsider". There are great life lessons, plus a lot of entertainment. You still get the fun magical feel of a classic comic book/superhero movie or show, but there is more real life aspect to it that makes it very interesting to watch.

Michael B Jordan is in this show as well as Jason Ritter, and the twist...it's a good one. Plus all of the child actors are amazing. I highly recommend checking out RAISING DION on Netflix.