Is This Really the Top Sandwich in Wisconsin?

Cheese. Cheese. Cheese. Cheese.

July 19, 2019

Being in Wisconsin, we're know as the "Dairy State" by some right? And if you don't like cheese, are you even a true Wisconsinite? Most likely, no. But would you call a cheese sandwich the #1 sandwich in the state? 

The website FAR AND WIDE has come up with what they think is the best sandwich from each state. For example, Florida's best sandwich is the CUBAN SANDWICH. Illinois is an ITALIAN BEEF. And Wisconsin, our beloved state, is a... GRILLED WISCONSIN CHEDDAR SANDWICH???????

Now don't get me wrong, I love me some grilled cheese, but the BEST SANDWICH FROM THE STATE? I don't think so. Whenever I have a visitor in town, I always suggest we get BUTTER BURGERS! And everybody always asks, "what's that"? Butter Burgers and Wisconsin go hand in hand. Think about Culver's, they are a Wisconsin Chain founded on BUTTER BURGERS, not a GRILLED WISCONSIN CHEDDAR SANDWICH. 

So If I was making this list, Butter Burgers would be the sandwich I would tell everyone to eat while they are in Wisconsin. And where would I tell them to go get one, SOLLY'S GRILLEI honestly have never had a better burger. And the crinkle cut fries, and malts! OH MY GOSH! I want to go eat one right now! So in my mind a BUTTER BURGER  is the number one sandwich in Wisconsin. 

Oh man, and you can see the butter glistening on the the bun, and overflowing the sandwich! YUUUUUUMMMMMM! You may be in a food coma after eating at Solly's, but it's so worth it.

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P.S. Here's a picture of the last delicious Solly's Burger I enjoyed!