My Time At The Air Force


May 3, 2019


Last week I went through a couple of firsts. It was my first time going to Texas(I was in San Antonio). And it was my first time being on a military base. I went to Lackland Air Force base to see my girlfriend's sister graduate Basic Training. What an amazing experience it was. Obviously there is already an admiration and respect had for everybody who has and does serve our country, but actually being there, witnessing where they train, and what they do, is AMAZING! 

So let me start with day one, that's when all of the graduates got their Airmens Coin, signifying that they are now a part of the greatest air force in the world! And let me tell you, something as simple as watching a group of people march in sync, is mesmerizing! You truly can see the unit these people have become.

After the ceremony was over, we got to hang out with Nikki, but only on base. And boy is this a big base. There were so many little food court/convenient stores, which is basically the only form of restaurant that they have. It was basically like I was on a college campus. There were dorms for the trainees, houses for the sergeants and captains, a commissary(the big grocery store) with so much stuff. Parks for families to hang out. There's even an elementary school! I had no idea how big a military base really is. We ate Pizza from a place called "Anthony's" and I'm told it's only on military bases, so I feel special that I ate it! The next day we were able to explore San Antonio.


But before exploring San Antonio, we got to see the dorms! and WARNING, they are just like you'd expect after seeing things in movies and shows. Tight, bunk beds, big room, open bathroom, shared shower, the whole works. I don't think I personally would be able to handle living like that. I like my couch and bed way too much! Every thing was so tidy and neat  (another weak point for me...)



So after we saw the dorms, we explored San Antonio and got some good ole fashion Texas Barbeque. Ribs, Brisket, Chopped Meat, Turkey, Creamed Corn, Potato Salad, and a giant loaf of bread to eat it on. Sorry I don't have pictures, I ate it too fast, so you'll have to just imagine it. Whoopsies.

After lunch we went and walked the Riverwalk in downtown San Antonio and it was really nice. I felt like I was at an attraction at Disney World, with the river in between each side of the walkways. There were restaurants and hotels everywhere! It was beautiful. But what I noticed the most, SCOOTERS, like for riding around. Motorized scooters that you just download the app and rent for as long as you want. So I decided to try starting a scooter gang

After my scooter fun, we went to the Alamo and saw "the line in the sand". Other than that, the Alamo was honestly kind of underwhelming. But it was free! So it was worth it.


Overall, it was a great trip, an eye opening experience and great life adventure. I am so proud of Nikki, she is gonna be one of the best crypto-linguists our country has seen. Thank you for your service, everyone!