The Most Refreshing Summer Treat!(There's Alcohol Involved)

Strawberry.Pineapple.Rum.Yes Please

June 21, 2019

Summer is finally here! Like literally, today is officially the first way of Summer. And you know what that means? Pool parties, grilling out, tailgates, being outside, REFRESHING ALCOHOLIC TREATS. Yes, you read that correctly. I have the perfect recipe for the best popsicle you'll ever have. And this recipe is so quick and easy, you make it, forget about it and let it freeze, and then enjoy!!! You don't even need to have those fancy popsicle maker molds, I made mine in Dixie Cups! I promise you won't want to skip these STRAWBERRY PINEAPPLE DAQUIRI POPS



1 Cup Strawberry Daquiri Mix
1/3 Cup Rum
1 Package of Frozen Pineapple (or fruit of your choice)
The juice of 2 Limes
1 Tbsp of Sugar


Combine all ingredients in a food processor or blender. Blend until smooth. Portion into dixie cups or popsicle molds. Freeze for at least 6 hours.

Tip for stick, about 2 hours into the freeze, stick the sticks in so they can stay secure.