Fyre Fest: The Ultymate Catfysh

The Music Festival You're Glad You Didn't Go To

January 25, 2019

If you haven't heard about The Fyre Festival and the fraud that it was, it's time to learn about it! 

I remember hearing about it a couple of years back and thinking to myself, "who pays that much money for a music festival?" And then I remember waking up to the flurry of social media posts saying how much of a sham this festival was, pictures of the food(which looked simialr to the cover photo of this), the horrible living environment and many many more problems. Well now there are not 1, but 2 documentaries about this fraud, and they are AMAZING!!! 

The one on Hulu is called FYRE FRAUD, and has an actual interview with the founder himself, Billy McFarland.

The one on Netflix is called FYRE, and is produced by Jerry Media(The team that ran marketing for the festival) 

Both of the documentaries are great in their own accord and definitely worthwhile to watch. I was so fascinated by it, that the newest episode of Dish with Dave is a Fyre Special. Sure we drink beer, give an animal fact and a recipe like always, but the main focus is the Fyre Fest. 

Hopefully this podcast will inspire you to watch the documentaries, and maybe make some butter :)! 


Here's my Video for Homemade Butter Too!