Everyone Loves To Hate on This Food, But This Is Why You Should Love It

It goes great with everything. Stop Hating!

June 14, 2019

For some reason, the internet loves to hate on this delicious yellow fruit. They say it is CRIMINAL to put it on pizza and that you should never grill it. And now they are saying it can't be in burritos! THIS IS NONSENSE!!!!

So what is this fruit that everybody hates on, but I love? PINEAPPLE!!!!

I absolutely love pineapple. Especially on my pizza! I always order "bacon and pineapple" or "pepperoni and pineapple" pizzas. And anyone who says don't grill pineapple...don't listen to them! Grilling pineapple helps to bring the sugars in it to the forefront to make it even more mouthwatering and tasty. Oh, and have you ever tried putting a slice of pineapple on your deli sandwich? You may have heard about on a burger, but boy is it delicious on a nice salami and roast beef sandwich! 

But let's talk about this burrito thing because the controversy started when a restaurant named MAD MEX said that they will be putting pineapple in burritos. Now to me, this isn't strange at all because

1) Al Pastor is literally Pork & Pineapple and is a staple in mexican foods.
2) Pineapple salsa is a real thing. I make it all the time and get it whenever it's available at burrito shops. 

So stop the hating on Pineapple, and embrace it. This is a super delicious fruit and should be put on anything you want!

Here is the original article about Mad Mex!


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