Cheesy Conspiracies and Oscar Nominees

I held and Oscar once, so I'm definitely qualified

February 22, 2019

I held an Oscar once, so I am definitely qualified to give my predictions. Right? It's much heavier than you would expect it to be. And way shinier.

Okok, I had not part in winning the Oscar, but it was still pretty cool to hold it. 2 kids I taught theater to in California, their dad was a producer of Inside Out, and they asked if I wanted to hold it. And of course I said YES! So I may not have won an Oscar, but I do have a degree in acting and like to think I am a pretty big movie buff! In the newest episode of Dish with Dave, my girlfriend Hannah and I go through our predictions for the biggest prize od Oscar Sunday, BEST PICTURE.

More than the Oscars, we talk conspiracy theories, fun animal facts, drink beer and give you the nummy Gooey Cake Recipe from last week.

Have you heard about this Chuck E. Cheese conspiracy? The theory goes that they are using old pieces of pizza to complete other pizzas, making them all odd shapes. It's a wild theory and we give our opinions. 


Enjoy the newest episode of Dish with Dave - CHEESY CONSPIRACIES AND OSCAR NOMINEES!