burger and fries

A Milwaukee Burger Spot That Is A Hidden Gem!

Perfectly Toasted Buns and Crinkle Cut Fries at This Awesome Diner

December 13, 2019

If there's something everybody needs to know about Wisconsin, it's that we have some amazing diners with amazing burgers. 

Well I've discovered one that has been a staple in Milwaukee for years, and I had absolutely no clue about it.It's been around since 1934! It's called MAZOS HAMBURGERS and it's on the corner of 27th and Oklahoma. This hidden gem is so cute. Probably fits 30 people at maximum capacity, and they are dishing out consistantly delicious burgers and sides for under $10 bucks. Yup that's right, I got a Bacon Cheesburger and 2 sides for less than $9 actually! And this isn't some tiny burger, no this is a good hunk of meat, juicy, great char, perfectly toasted buns, great crispy bacon, and you can throw fried onions or raw onions on too. They have other sandwiches like a Mushroom Swiss Burger and a grilled cheese too. 

mazos sign


But the real fun comes in with the sides. I always get crinkle cut fries and....COTTAGE CHEESE. Oh I love me a nice side dish of cottage cheese. Other options include baked beans, coleslaw, soups, american fries and more. And remember, you get 2 of them with every meal. 

burger and fries


They also have hot soups in big old fashioned vats. It's amazing. Everything about this place reads Wisconsin. The great diner feel. Every worker is so nice and ready to help, and the prices...you just can't beat it.

Oh and one last thing! I like to judge places based on their napkins, and when they have cheap napkins like this, you know it's a great place. The less ply the napkin, the better the burger! 



If you haven't stopped by Mazos I highly recommend you try it out! 

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