A Bath That Is Making People "Heated"

February 24, 2020

I love eating food. Who doesn't right? But would you want to BATHE in your food? 

Sure, people dream of a tub full of chocolate, or maybe even jell-o. But how does a tub full of Flaming Hot Cheetos sound? For one woman, it sounded like the best time ever, so she did it. She bathed in $150 worth of flaming hots. Now I'm not sure if I can eat them anymore without being grossed out. (Fun Tip, eat your flaming hots with cream cheese. YUM)

What would be your food of choice to bathe in? For me, Hot Dogs would be my first choice, but I feel like that would be a very expensive bath, so I'll choose cheddar and sour cream chips. OOOO that would smell...great! 


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