Crazy Worms Amynthas invading Woodlands and Gardens

February 24, 2016

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Crazy worms are invading woodlands, gardens and golf courses. They’ve been in the southeast United States for years, but are now spreading to other areas of the country. Also called snake and jumping worms or Alabama jumpers, they were inadvertently introduced into the U.S. on plants imported from their native home of Japan and Korea. 

They spread on the soil in plant material or by left over fishing bait discarded in nearby woods and river banks. Crazy worms multiply quickly and devastate the organic matter covering the forest floor or garden bed.  Their feeding destroys the soil structure, hindering plant growth.

The long gray worms are found in large numbers on the soil surface. They thrash wildly when disturbed and can even shed their tail when attempting to escape. Prevent the spread and keep your garden free of crazy worms by purchasing plants and gardening materials from reliable sources.

A bit more information:  Keep crazy worms out of the garden by only purchasing compost that has been properly managed to destroy pathogens and pests. If crazy worms have not moved into your area, monitor your gardens and report any sightings to your local Department of Natural Resources.

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