Build a Tropical Paradise

or Dramatic Desert in a Terrarium

February 19, 2016

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Create a tropical paradise or dramatic desert indoors in a terrarium. Use closed terrariums when growing tropical plants.  They thrive in the high humidity and moist soil.  Leave the top off or use open containers for cacti and succulents. Use a cacti and succulent mix for these drought tolerant plants. They prefer lower humidity and drier soil open terrariums provide. 

Place a thin layer of gravel or decorative stones on the bottom of the container. Cover with landscape fabric to prevent the soil from settling into the stone. Now add the potting mix. Set plants on the soil surface and arrange as desired.  You may need to trim off some of the roots so the plants will fit in their new home. Plant your miniature landscape making sure to cover the roots with soil, then water.

Add a few decorative stones, small twigs, ceramic figures or other decorations to complete the scene.

A bit more information: Get creative and convert an old vase, aquarium or other glass item into a terrarium. An overturned glass makes the perfect topper for a garden of moss planted on a small plate or plant saucer. For step by step tips on constructing a terrarium click here.

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