Brighten Your Gardens, Indoors and Out with Jerusalem (Christmas) Cherry

November 4, 2016

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Brighten fall containers or your indoor garden with Jerusalem cherry (Solanum pseudocapsicum) also known as Christmas or Winter Cherry.

This old time favorite seems to be making a comeback.  It’s often sold as a potted plant valued for its colorful fruit.  The glossy green leaves provide a perfect backdrop for the small white flowers that develop into long lasting red, yellow or orange fruit that resemble a cherry tomato.          

Look, but don’t eat the colorful fruit. All parts of the plant, especially the fruit are poisonous to people and pets. So display it in a location where you can enjoy its beauty, but out of reach of curious children and pets.

Grow Jerusalem cherry in a warm brightly lit location free of drafts indoors. Water thoroughly whenever the soil surface is dry, but before the plants wilt. Begin fertilizing in spring as the days lengthen.

A bit more information:  Christmas pepper is another popular plant for fall containers and the indoor garden. Provide the same care as your Jerusalem Cherry and enjoy the unique beauty these plants provide.

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