Are you Overwatering or Underwatering your Indoor Plants

December 28, 2016

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Too much or not enough water? This is a common dilemma for indoor gardeners. The challenge in diagnosing the cause is the symptoms look very similar. 

Wilting can be due to the soil staying wet or dry for too long. The same is true for stunted growth. Small leaves can be the result of watering issues or potbound plants.

Soft yellow leaves are usually the result of overwatering.  They are often accompanied by brown leaf edges. Cold drafts and insufficient light can also cause leaves to yellow.

Brown leaf tips are often caused by a lack of water, overfertilization and chemicals in the water.

Both the old and new leaves typically drop off overwatered plants. But the older leaves are the first to drop on underwatered plants.

Start by evaluating the growing conditions and your watering practices and make needed changes.

A bit more information:  Check plant tags, books and reliable internet sites for specifics on the care and maintenance of your plants. Tropical plants need more frequent watering than cacti and succulents that like it drier.

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