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Taking Grandma to the Packer game!

November 12, 2018

When I was just a baby (like seriously a one year old), my parents made sure that they'd submit my name to the Packers to be put on the season ticket holder list.  About 25 years later, sure enough, my name was picked for being a new season ticket holder.   

In addition to the usual Sunday church service, my Grandma had her own Sunday ritual - having family come together for the Packer game.  Growing up, my parents continued this tradition by rotating which one of our immediate family members would host the weekly Sunday Packer Party.  Only as of a few years ago, this tradition changed with the *pleasant* interruption that instead of watching from the TV, we'd spend a few Sundays AT the game.  I don't think any one of us would have imagined our names would not only come up as new season ticket holders, but that my Grandma's health would be good enough for HER to attend games well into her late-70's!

I made a promise to my Grandmother that for my first game as a new season ticket holder (back in 2013), that she'd go with me to one game every year as long as she was in good health. We've not only stuck to that promise, but we're still going strong as Grandma attended her 6th straight year of accompanying me to Sunday's game against the Dolphins - this time as an 83 year old.  We used to joke around saying things like, "I'll take you into Lambeau even if I have to WHEEL you in"!

They say laughter is the best medicine, or the key to being happy and healthy.  I'd like to believe that Packers football might have something to do with it too.