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Travel Thursday: Visit to Stoney Acres

Adventures throughout WI and beyond!

November 1, 2018

Thanks for the checking out the blog!  As I've said before, we're still in that "getting to know you" phase, and with that being said, I LOVE to travel!  Whether it's around the globe, throughout the Midwest, or just in our own backyard, I find comfort in just picking up and going somewhere and seeing something new.

That being said, some friends of ours from Chicago saw a special on PBS a few years ago about a small farm northwest of Wausau that is certified organic and is famous for baking pizzas on site using their fresh ingredients.  A pizza farm! 

Admittedly, it felt like we were travelling endlessly through the center of rural Wisconsin.  Upon arrival, we were pretty impressed!  Here's some of the pics:

How Our Pizza Is Made

Pizza Menu

The pizza was FANTASTIC, and the employees are beyond kind.  Even better, the pizza reheats nicely too.

If you want to look into a visit yourself, visit their website HERE.

I'm excited to share more travel ideas/trips/tips/tricks with you in the coming weeks and months!

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