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My Visit To The Ice Caves

It's TOTALLY worth the trip to far Northern WI!

January 25, 2019

The "Travel Thursday" blog continues with a trip to far Northern Wisconsin, near Bayfield, to experience the beauty that is the "ice caves".

Sometimes you don't have to go far, or even out of the state to enjoy a new experience - and this won't disappoint!  Once you make it to Meyers Road, the trek out onto Lake Superior to get to the caves is a bit of a hike (no pun intended).  When I went roughly 5 years ago, the lake was FRIGID.  I mean, this might have been the coldest outdoor activity I've ever done in my entire life.  The caves aren't always open as it depends on the weather every year.  Bundle up, and try to keep your phone or camera warm so you can capture incredible photos like these...

Here's more information on the 2019 opening in a few days!

Do you plan on visiting the ice caves? Need some recommendations on where to stay while you're up there?  Let's connect!  Facebook/Twitter/Instagram: @OnAirAaron