Matt Nathanson Chats About Traveling to Peru and His Bed Preferences

Such a charismatic and funny guy to interview!

March 7, 2019

A lot has changed for Matt Nathanson since his studio album, "Some Mad Hope", 9 years ago. His current album is, "Sings His Sad Heart" and is on an acoustic duo tour across the United States. We were lucky enough to have him stop in to 99.1 The Mix's studio on his way to Madison, WI to answer a few questions.

One of the best things about seeing Matt live is not just the music, but what he say in between the songs. He's a really funny guy and he had our audience laughing throughout the interview!

He described how he picks the songs they play eac night from his older catalogues with a wheel for super fans, a couple of the song options include "Mission Bells" and "Sky High Honey".

Matt also mentioned his song "Headphones" (with LOLO) and how he partnered with Starkey Hearing Foundation in Peru to help raise awareness and funds for people struggling with hearing loss.

We even got into the topic of bed preferences (craftmatic adjustable bed vs tempurpedic) based on the reference of the king sized bed in his song, "Used To Be". I also joked about editing a portion of the interview out, but the intern chose to leave it in, she said it was too funny not to include it.

Thank you again to Matt for taking the time to chat (and laugh) with us!