Miller Offering Free Low-Alcohol Beer to Those Participating in 'Dry-ish January'

December 31, 2019

Miller wants to help you with your “Dry January” goals!

Instead of swearing off alcohol completely in the month of January, Miller64 is encouraging a happy medium with its “Dry-ish January” campaign.

“Dry-ish January is a month-long phenomenon that allows you to put your own spin on the Dry January movement, but in a way that’s not as extreme,” said Anup Shah, Vice President, Miller Family of Brands.

Miller64 Extra Light Beer
Photo credit Miller64

The idea came about following a survey that ⅓ of Millennials who vowed not to drink alcohol throughout the first month of the year failed in accomplishing their goal.

The study found that consumers believe “celebrating a special event, being in an environment where everyone is drinking, or experiencing a stressful situation” forces them to fail.

“We’ve seen a lot of people try to participate in the sober movement and fail, so going Dryish is a great way to keep the expectations as low as Miller 64’s ABV,” the brand said in a press release.

Instead of going completely dry, the brand wants millennials to indulge in Miller64, a lighter beer with only 64 calories and 2.8% ABV.

Even Nicholas Braun from HBO’s “Succession” is embracing the “moist” movement.

The reward for accepting the challenge is a free 24-pack of beer.

To participate, text a photo or screenshot to 72455 and include the keyword “MILLER64.”

Once Miller64 sends you a link, upload a receipt of your purchase. They’ll credit your PayPal account within 14 days.

Could there bere anything better than starting off the new decade with free beer?

Happy Dry-ish January!

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